Horses Treat is a mental health center in Central Wisconsin that uses horses to provide individual, group and family therapies-- Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP)  and also Equine Assisted Learning (EAL).  At Horses Treat, we aim to improve the human strengths within a person that will help them cope with and manage today’s stressors, and to give them the tools to live their lives to their full potential.

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The therapist and horse or team of horses assume a collaborative role that allows for a different kind of conversation to emerge in therapy—one that reveals the patients’ own wisdom as demonstrated through their relationship to the horse or horses. 

Engaging with horses allows patients to explore how they develop trust, manage anxiety and deal with uncertainty. Clients can often move more quickly and dramatically through the equine therapeutic process and experience changes in their relationships and their everyday responses to challenging situations. 

Equine Assisted Learning Services

  • Girls’ self-esteem
  • Boys’ self-esteem
  • Social Skills
  • Parent-child groups
  • Academic Team Building
  • Corporate Team Building
  • Support Groups

In addition, working with horses can be a much less threatening and stigmatizing process than working with a therapist in an office setting.

We are an EAGALA based Equine Assisted Psychotherapy Program which means we

  • Adhere to a strong Code of ethics, with high standards that ensure the best practices and the highest level of mental health care for children, adolescents and families. 
  • Utilize the Team Approach – An Equine Specialist, a Mental Health professional, and horses work together with patients in all EAGALA sessions.
  • Focus on the ground – No horseback riding is involved. Instead, effective and deliberate techniques are utilized where  people interact with horses to make their own connections and where the horses are metaphors in specific therapeutic interactions.
  • Are Solution-Oriented – We believe that patients have the best solutions for themselves when given the opportunity to discover them.  Rather than instructing or directing solutions, children, adolescents, and adults interact therapeutically with horses to experiment, problem-solve, take risks, employ creativity, and identify solutions that work best for themselves.

The Treatment Team at Horses Treat

  • The Horse:  Horses have many characteristics which lend them to being effective agents of change, including honesty, awareness, and ability with nonverbal communication.  The role of the horses in an EAGALA session is to be themselves.
  • The Equine Specialist (ES):  The ES chooses the horses to be used in sessions, works with the MH to structure sessions, keeps an equine log to document horse behaviors in sessions, stays aware of safety and welfare of clients, horses, and team, and makes observations of horse SPUD’s (an EAGALA-developed observation framework taught in the certification training program) which can bring in potential metaphors.
  • The Mental Health Professional (MH):  The MH is responsible for treatment planning, documentation of clients, and ensuring ethical practice.  The MH builds on the ES’s horse observations, bringing in the metaphoric and therapeutic/learning relevance of the session.
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You can work with our team of mental health clinicians and horses for all of your mental health needs, or we can collaborate with  your therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health provider to develop a treatment plan where equine assisted psychotherapy can be a part of your solution. For more information got to

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